Name The Right Price With Pre-Purchase Inspections in Auckland

Make sure you don’t overpay for a property and be sure of what you are getting into with a pre-purchase building inspection from Auckland’s experts. Apex Building Inspections Auckland is the only team in the area that can provide you with same-day house inspections and reports anywhere in Auckland, ensuring you are not left in the dark. With over 30 years in the industry, you can be sure that our specialised team will find everything you need to know.

Why Complete An Inspection?

Just like cars, buildings deteriorate, wear down, wither overtime, often in areas that can’t be openly visual. We understand that buying a property is a big step, and that’s why you should have it inspected by the professionals.

Our modern equipment and state of the art technology will go beyond sight to give you a clear idea of just what state your prospective property is in.

Why Complete An Inspection

Our Comprehensive Service

At Apex Building Inspections Auckland, we pride ourselves on being honest and unbiased. We offer thorough pre-purchase and pre-sale home or building inspections in Auckland, as well as pest detection and moisture detection services.

Even if you’re looking at renovating your home, we can save you grief in the future by making sure nothing’s wrong now.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to maintain independence and unbiased inspections, we do not undertake any repair or maintenance works to inspected properties, due to conflict of interest and professional ethical practices.

We Check It All

Our in depth inspections cover all integral features of your prospective property, including plumbing, electrical and structural issues. No matter what you want to check for, we have the technology to make it happen. We then compile verbal and written reports that are easy to read and understand. If anything is wrong, we can give you an accurate idea of the extent of the damage, and how much it will cost to repair.

If you’d like more information on how we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Building Inspections

Never settle for shoddy workmanship. With the help of Apex Building Inspections Auckland, you can fully understand a property’s flaws before you decide to make a purchase. Hidden costs arising from defects or hidden damage can have a huge financial impact. This is why we make sure that our clients are made fully aware of every aspect of their purchase. Our team’s dedication and attention to detail enables buyers to make decisions that are as informed as possible.

Home Inspections

Purchasing a home is a big step, and one that should never be taken without full knowledge of a property’s features as well as its flaws. Trust Apex Building Inspections Auckland to find and report every aspect of your prospective home. Our experienced team of property inspectors is equipped to detect all of a property’s vulnerabilities, from pest infestation to the presence of hazardous residues, enabling you to organise repairs before the issues worsen and cost you more money in the future.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Look before you leap! Get a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection for your next residential or commercial real estate purchase in Auckland

Pre-Sale Inspection

Get a clear summary of the issues in your building before you sell to avoid any surprises with the buyer.

Meth Detection

Keep your family safe, and ensure your next home isn’t an ex meth lab. We can test for hazardous residue and other warning signs.

Pest Detection

Save yourself grief in the future by testing for termites or vermin. We use invasive and non-invasive techniques to detect any infestations so you can rest easy.

Building Inspection

We test buildings for their structural integrity, enabling you to steer clear of leaky buildings, shoddy workmanship and other pitfalls.

Thermal & Moisture Detection

Don’t get stuck living in a leaky home! We use modern thermal imaging techniques to ensure there’ll be no nasty surprises.

Don’t overpay for a property. Book a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection today on 021 109 2047 and 0800 198 188!