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In recent years, many leaky homes and shoddy construction scandals have come to light. You don’t have to get stuck living in a structurally flawed home thanks to Apex Building Inspections thermal building inspection service. We offer full moisture detection services so you can find out what you are getting before you buy your next property. We have many state of the art detection methods appropriate for projects of all sizes, giving you the confidence to make a purchase.

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Our experienced thermal building inspection team is available for complete moisture detection services for homes in Auckland. We scan the entire house, looking for any abnormalities in critical points. We also utilise a non-invasive moisture meter to get a complete picture of the state of your prospective home.

We then compile the results into an easy to read report, complete with colour images of any areas of concern. Unlike all of our competitors, we offer same day service from inspection to issuing the report.

What Is Infrared Thermal Imaging?

At Apex Building Inspections, we have thermal technology that allows us to find abnormalities. It is a quick, accurate and non-invasive means of detection, designed to confirm moisture migration paths whether from internal plumbing and condensation or from external weather-related leaks. Infrared thermal imaging also allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of the property’s insulation, which helps auditors determine whether a structure needs insulation, and where it should go. This procedure can detect roof leaks which have not yet penetrated into the home.

By providing thermal building inspections Apex Building Inspections enables buyers to identify defects in a property’s thermal envelope before proceeding with either a purchase or getting work done. This will allow them to take stock of the work that needs to be done and get an accurate idea of the scale of any problems.

Detection Methods

We use a range of state of the art detection methods to find possible leakages or moisture damage in your prospective home. These include:

  • Infrared technology
  • Non invasive methods
  • Invasive methods where required

What we see

What you see

What we see

What you see

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